Product: TE server

Simplify your workflow with our service designed for seamless integration. Unlock the power to extract searchable text from a variety of sources, including PDF files, excel sheets, scanned documents, and digital images. Our robust OCR, combined with advanced image processing, guarantees top results in terms of text accuracy and quality.

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Software Development

Since our founding in 2010, we have been at the forefront of technological innovation, building a team renowned for its expertise and daily collaboration in C++ and Python across multiple platforms. Our use of cloud-based solutions for testing underscores our commitment to reliable, robust developments. Specializing in backend expertise, we create cutting-edge applications tailored for the cloud including serverless computing on Amazon Lambda. Our expertise spans a wide spectrum, encompassing image analysis, text spotting, OCR, as well as proficient data analysis and datamining through cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques, including NLP.

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Applied AI

We have been developing solutions that enhance, analyze, and transform images for various applications. From medical documents to financial data, we excel in creating technology that translates visual data into meaningful insights. We specialize in seamlessly translating visual information into valuable knowledge, thereby unlocking critical information and giving our clients a competitive advantage. We leverage the capabilities of various OCR engines, enhancing their capabilities to meet the unique demands of our clients. Furthermore, we invest in the development and refinement of our own AI models, tailoring them to meet the precise needs of our customers.

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Our Key Values

Effectiveness: We believe in efficiency and automation. If there's an opportunity to automate a process, it should already be in place, streamlining our workflow and enhancing productivity.
Robustness: We prioritize robust solutions through extensive testing without regression. Our commitment is to deliver reliable and resilient products that stand the test of time.
Execution Excellence: We are dedicated to getting things done. From conceptualization to implementation, our focus is on achieving tangible results and exceeding expectations.
Enjoyable Collaboration: We believe in making work not just a task but an enjoyable experience. We foster a culture where collaboration is fun, creativity thrives, and everyone feels motivated to contribute their best.

Case Studies

Our TE server has played a pivotal role in medical claims processing over the past few years. The workflow starts with the digitization of pdf and Excel documents but predominantly images, spanning from photographs and fax inputs to screenshots. Subsequently, the process involves understanding the document, classification and optionally enriching it through supplementary data sources producing a complex structured output to the customer. Our serverless computing setup, powered by Amazon Lambda, facilitates unparalleled horizontal scalability, all while keeping overhead to a minimum and delivering substantial cost efficiencies.

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